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Steps of an ISO 9001 certification

An ISO9001 certification is an ambitious project in itself, what with its requirements and necessary steps. If this is your first shot at the QMS world, you might be confused as to what exactly these steps are. Fortunately, this article explains everything, from documented information to internal audits, including some tips as to which mind-set to […]


Return on investment of an ISO9001 certification

If you want to set up a quality management system in your organization, but are not sure about going all the way towards a full ISO9001 certification, take a moment to think about the return on investment. Here is why you definitely should go for it, starting with performance, efficiency, resilience and reliability as the […]


How much does the ISO 9001 cost ?

Being ISO 9001 certified implies an increase in sales, however the financial and time costs can be important. Audit costs, time spent on being compliant with every requirements and quality consultants costs make the bill quickly grows up. In this article we will see what those costs are and how to minimize them. Audit costs […]


Difference process and procedure

The word « process » is part of corporate vocabulary and most people use it for any serie of action they identify. However, quality speaking, a process has a specific definition that is often mistaken with the procedure definition. What is the difference between a procedure and a process ? This article will help you find […]


Write a procedure

This article will help you describe the procedures you need to carry out the processes’ activities. A quality management system is made of processes, with procedures to describe how the activities are performed. When is it relevant to write a procedure ? What is a procedure ? How to write a procedure so the users […]


Determine a process

One of the key aspects of quality management is to break down your activity into processes. If you are new to it, let this article guide you and teach you all about processes and procedures, from basic definitions to how to identify your own processes. What is a process ? The word « process » […]


Quality definitions

Some terms make the quality management world difficult to understand at first. We define the main quality terms you could find in standards, websites or our ISO 9001 pack. The following definitions come from the ISO organization which is the quality management reference. Whether you want an ISO 9001 certification or are looking for quality definitions, this […]


Curative, preventive or corrective action

You will determine and document actions to continuously improve your quality management system. The action plans you raise can have diverse origins and shall adapt to the event they tackle. The improvement actions can be related to an opportunity, or treat a problem or a non-conformity. We then speak about curative, corrective and preventive actions. […]

RACI matrix

What is a RACI matrix ? A RACI matrix aims to define and document project roles and responsibilities. It describes the participation by various roles in completing a task or a deliverable. RACI is an acronym derived from the four key responsibilities most typically used: responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed. The RACI matrix ensures that […]