How much does the ISO 9001 cost ?

Being ISO 9001 certified implies an increase in sales, however the financial and time costs can be important. Audit costs, time spent on being compliant with every requirements and quality consultants costs make the bill quickly grows up. In this article we will see what those costs are and how to minimize them.

Audit costs

The first costs are mandatory for every organization that wants to be certified. They come from the certification body when you purchase an audit. Those ones are fixed as the ADR (Average Daily Rate) of an ISO 9001 auditor is 1100€ H.T. The number of audit days is decided through a grid. It is however possible to optimize them and cut your audit costs as explained in the ISO 9001 pack.

What is the investment ?


  • If you decide to hire someone, a year wage of a quality engineer. That makes around 40 000 € per year.
  • If you decide to hire a consultant, the average daily rate is around 1000€ per day. That makes around 80 000 € to implement a quality management system, the follow-up will then be done
  • If you decide to do it yourself or have it done by a coworker… nothing else than time. It is quite easy to be trained and use only tools. 
  • You can hire an intern or a student who will train himself by implementing the quality management system. That makes around 10 000 € per year.

Being certified can be really quick even for small companies that do not have many financial means. Even some non-profit organization runned by students had been able to do it in few months without any knowledge nor follow-up. They just had some support from experts and good documents. The cost for those small companies is around 2000€. That corresponds to the intervention of an expert twice a year. Having less financial resources make them be more clever and cut costs.


  • In case you hire someone, a 2 hours weekly follow-up by a director will be required.
  • In case you pay a consultant, the follow-up time required will be the same.
  • In case you use internal ressources, the follow-up time spent by a director will be a bit higher. However the coworker in charge will have a deeper knowledge of internal processes of your company. This means he or she will be more efficient than a person newly hired or a consultant. It will balance the time spent in trainings.
  • Hiring an intern or a part-time will require more folow-up time, but this task can be delegated to a coworker out of the board. The low costs of an intern will totally balance the time spent on training him or her.

Save time

The ISO 9001 pack is here to make you save time and money.

By downloading and filling up our documents, you are sure to meet the requirements of the ISO9001 standard. Those documents have been written by quality engineers and their relevance had been proved through a dozen of external audits. Benefit from the expert documentation that will make you compliant quickly.

The users estimated they saved one year of work.

  • 88 documents to make you 100% compliant
  • 32 pages of instructions for use and a conformity matrix to make you understand your compliancy
  • 19 pages of extra advices from experts to :
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    3. Pass your ISO 9001 with good practices
  • An email support to answer your questions

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