Return on investment of an ISO9001 certification

If you want to set up a quality management system in your organization, but are not sure about going all the way towards a full ISO9001 certification, take a moment to think about the return on investment. Here is why you definitely should go for it, starting with performance, efficiency, resilience and reliability as the main benefits for you and for your customers.

Grow your business

Have you ever seen a « certified ISO9001 » logo on a website, a flyer, or even on a truck ? Exposure is one of the first benefits of a certification : small as it may be, a « certified » logo always catches an attentive eye. Even though you choose your certification body freely, the standard is always the same, and will enhance your reliability in the eyes of your (potential) customers.

Besides, it will enable you to expand into new markets. Many firms require a quality certification from their business partners, in the aerospace industry for example. What could be better than getting an international standard to start growing your business abroad ?

A 2015 study by the Organization Performance chair of the Paris Dauphine University states that businesses certified with a quality standard tend to see their sales revenue  increase by 4%. The study adds that this increase is most often seen in businesses that are customer-oriented.

Improve customer experience

When it comes to gaining your customers’ trust, communicating about your quality system and your certification project is key ! Quite a few chapters of the standard deal with customer experience (§4.2, 5.1.2, 8.2, 9.1.2, 10.1…), and especially with customer satisfaction. Correctly and frequently reviewing customer satisfaction will allow you to better understand their needs, and by doing so you will gain their trust. A quality system is also about putting the customer first… in a more clever way than simply saying « client is king ». 

Airbus, Rolls Royce, Ikea, Starbucks, … Many companies have their own quality standards and they can’t be your customers without being compliant. When your QMS is steady, you may even invite your customers to audit your structure. 

Boost your productivity

ISO9001 also aims at improving your performance, productivity and efficiency. Throughout the certification process, you will face issues in your organization which you never knew existed.

This brings out how decisive it is that your whole team understands your processes. That way, everyone can improve and know what to do to increase dynamism… Maybe this will even help bringing down some of your internal costs. Moreover, your quality and overall objectives have to be clear and stated and can be used to gather your team around shared goals.

Secure your future

What if some of your key people were suddenly unable to work ? You may find that a bit extreme, but think… Could your organization go back to how it was before, without any cutback in its performance ?

After having spent some time working on the ISO9001 standard in your organization, the answer to this last question should be that yes, you could. If your QMS is quite advanced, you should be able to go as far as saying yes, we can right now ! The ISO9001 standard, in the form of your quality system, assures that you are 100% resilient. Take a house of cards, falling apart with a mere breeze. Now, add some glue to it, seal the cards together. It will take more than a whiff to take it down. The same goes for your organization, for your QMS is the glue that holds the parts together.

It is worth to highlight that, with an ISO9001 standard, your organization will be able to prevent major crisis. One of the purposes of a sharp Quality Management System (QMS) is to smartly address every risk and opportunity that your organization may encounter (see also the ISO9001 standard, chapters 9 and 10). The more efficient your risk analysis, the more secure your system.

There are multiple ways to get a return on investment when you get your ISO9001 certification : you will see the benefits on your everyday operations as well as on your sales and productivity. It will be quite a financial and time investment but totally worth it. So what are we waiting for ?

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